norther and easter- BACK IN LEEDS

A first day back- and a good one at that.

My morning- garment tech. making, unpicking, sewing, unpicking, overlocking and unpicking my womenswear t-shirt. It would’ve been lovely, if it wasn’t for the muchos unpicking, and the fact that my pal, is a “VAV” and stuck in hongkong (that’s Volvcanic Ash Victim, for those of you not down with your acronyms!) Anyway, it’s fun i guess, the success of the jeans keeps me eager! The t-shirt, i’ll show you when it’s done but in essence, it’s a cropped, dropped shouldered, boxy and oversized, slashed back  white jersey tee with a largely oversized hood. 

My afternoon- so after spending the most of Sunday and the morning of Monday worrying about inevitable harsh, harsh critique of my design work, i was glad to say it never arrived. And now, i sit smug and happy, that finally, maybe for the first time ever- a design professional hasn’t completely ripped in to my hard work, thus killing my insides!!
My reward, i spend the afternoon chillaxing with gossipgirl, and homemade tomato soup, awaiting my sister’s phone-call and envied-invite to a date with my friend, the library. (that’s right, the library!)

(OUTFIT, YEP, CARRYING ON WITH MY SPORTS-LOVENESS. hitops,bodycon,croppedsportstee)

and here, saturday's return journey ended with a shopshop in leeds, and produced suchos goods:
-how COOOL is the ring/ bracelet thing (sure there's an actual name for it?) spent weeks looking for one, and scouring Portugal and then without looking, one bobs up in H&M of all measly places. PLEASED. 
-the vest it's sheer and i love sheer; plus it reminds me of an Alexander Wang one.
-the 'string crop', no i'm not going all wife-beater, criminal-thug on you- i figured it would look kindof cool over neutrals, toned down with a black blazer? well, we'll see. anyway it was only 3 quid. steal.

off to the library now, catch you later


  1. Verry cute outfit! And I want that jewelry!


  2. totally like the way you wear the short top :) x