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I'm desperate to travel to India, but I'm the first to admit I know very little about the culture, way of life or traditional dress over there. I like to think of myself as a somewhat cultured individual but I'd be ignorant to think my repeated watching of Slumdog Millionaire or The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel put me any the wiser as to what dress is really like over there. Offering a better understanding to us all, Im passing the blogging-baton over to Barcode91 who can provide a bit of a better insight. Here's my first guest post!

Go Indian: Uber-chic in the traditional Indian saree

Have you been mesmerised by the gorgeous Indian saree yet? With six whole yards of elegance and irresistible grace to drape you in, it's quite likely that you have! However, there are many things about a saree that can intimidate you. The sheer size of the fabric, for instance. You'd love to try out the Indian look but you just don't know how to pull of this heavy piece of garment without looking clumsy. More over, you can end up looking over the top in a saree if you don't style it right! So, how do you wear a saree and still look chic and graceful? How can you avoid looking like a misfit and grab second looks instead? Well, wearing sarees might look like a huge task but trust me when I say there's isn't a garment more versatile than the Indian saree.

First up, pick out a saree that you'd love to wear. You can browse through a range of sarees online and shop for your first saree minus the hassles of going to the mall and spending hours on picking out one dress! Of course, sarees come in a thousand different styles, so choose a one that suits you the most. Keep in mind the weather, and the occasion you plan to wear the saree to. For example, you would typically choose a light, flowy Chiffon saree for an outdoor Sunday brunch on a bright sunny afternoon instead of heavy bridal sarees.

The second and the most fun part of it all is wearing the saree! Now here's what's different. Just because you're going to wear a saree doesn't mean you have to drape it the same conventional way that everyone else does, right? 

Glam your look up a few notches by draping it in a whole new style. Choose any way of draping the saree and team it up with anything as long as you're comfortable with it. If you'd like some inspiration, do check out looks that Hollywood actresses and style icons like Victoria Beckham have donned in the past, wearing the gorgeous Indian saree. Pair sarees with trendy kurtis, wear them like skirts, dresses or tie your saree like a halter gown and don't forget to accesorize this look. You are bound to make heads turn with a saree. Don't wait anymore, look for Indian Sarees online and find your perfect match! (P.S - Don't forget to send in pictures of yourself wearing your version of the Indian saree.)


History of the red carpet

[Originally written for FLASH ANTHOLOGY]

With the arrival of awards season and the onslaught of red carpets, I thought a themed post would be appropriate. Whilst we await the next set of gowns and glamouratis at the Academy Awards, here's a look back at the history of the red carpet; the ups and the downs.

The Worst Dressed: Bjork, 2001 Oscars; Selma Blair, 2002 Oscars; Lara Flynne Boyle, 2003 Oscars 

The Most Worn Dress: Stella McCartney Saskia Gown: Gwyneth Paltrow, 2012 Grammy Awards; Shalom Harlow; Brooklyn Decker.

Braided hair trend: Sienna Miller, 2007 Golden Globes; Jessica Alba, 2011 BAFTAs, Scarlett Johannson, European Premiere The Avengers

Ladies in rouge: 2013 Golden Globes: Claire Danes, Zooey Deschanel, Jennifer Garner.


In 2012, women outnumbered men in 3 categories
for nominations

Nearly 70% of all Best
Pictures winners are longer than 2 hours.

The first colour film to win Best Picture was
Gone With The Wind in 1940
The last black-and-white film to receive the
award was Schindler’s List in 1994.

paid over a million for David Selznick’s award in 1999.
diners were once presented with 1,200 bottles of champagne, 1,000
spiny lobsters, 1,200 Kumamoto Oysters, and 18kg of caviar and 7 kg of
edible gold dust for the 4,000 chocolate Oscar statues.
Disney has the most Oscars to his name, with a grand total of 26.
Most acting nominations: 17, for Meryl Streep 

Info provided by Rare London. To check out the original post, go to History of the Red Carpet – Memorable Moments and Fashion Trends.


Can I be a Chloe girl, please?

My jumper love affair continues with Waight Keller, and this amazing scarlet chunky knit jumper by Chloe. Wouldn't that just be perfect for winter? Yes, I thought so too. My lust-list doesn't stop at jumpers, I'll happily commit to be a Chloe girl— cue accessories, jewellery, even fragrances, please. 

Take note y'all, after all, Christmas is coming...  Go ahead and shop Chloe at Harrods


Do you need a new dress?

Marie Claire Czech via Fashion Gone Rogue

I'm not the girliest girl around but nevertheless I can appreciate a fine dress when I see one. This spread for Marie Claire Czech, shot by Dennison Bertram feat. Dolce & Gabbana works the girl gowns perfectly, highlighting the Baroque trend in particular. I don't think I've worn a dress in years, let alone any sort of prom dresses— and even that was as plain as could be! For those of you looking for your prom dresses 2013, check out www.missesdressy.com for their huge online selection! 



After various ups and downs with the temperability of this blog, I've decided to take to new grounds. Please come and find me and follow me at Flash Anthology


A History Lesson: The Evolution of Jeans

Back at uni and in the midst of my dissertation, fashion history, costume history and pattern cutting lessons seem to be swallowing me up. Taking the lead for a post on my blog, here's a little history lesson for y'all, on the evolution of everyone's go-to wardrobe staple: the denim jeans. Jeans are undoubtedly one of the most valuable features of wardrobes everywhere, regardless of age, sex, ethnicity or taste. This humbly versatile item of clothing has come a long way over the years, being constantly evolved and moulded to keep up with demand.

Miner’s Wear in the 1800s
The history of jeans date back to the nineteenth century when cotton plantations, gold mines, slave labour and a rise in trade created a demand for durable, comfortable and hard-wearing trousers that wouldn’t rip at the first strain. In 1873, Jacob Davis, a tailor from Nevada, joined forces with designer Loeb Strauss and put “stress points” at various places on labourers’ overalls to make them more hard-wearing. Loeb later changed his name to Levi and henceforth the brand Levi Strauss & Co was born.

Cowboy Jeans of the 30s and 40s
Throughout the 30s and 40s jeans progressed from being a labourers’ uniform to a favourite staple of casual daywear. During a time when cowboy films were a leading genre of the cinema, young men increasingly demanded to wear the jeans that their heroes donned on the big screen.

Counterculture of the 50s
With Hollywood stars such as Marlon Brando and James Dean looking effortlessly chic in jeans, during the 1950s they soon became a symbol of counterculture amongst youths. During this era jeans had such a rebellious label attached to them that some schools in the US went as far as banning students from wearing denim. This was when jeans also became more tapered. Whilst they may not have been as tight as the skinny jeans of today, with the like of Elvis Presley sporting slim-fitted denims, jeans throughout the 50s took on a much more tapered look.

The Hippie Revolution of the 60s and 70s
The slim fitting jeans of the 50s quickly gave way to an entirely new look, demanded by the hippy movement, flower power and ‘free love’. Bell-bottom jeans were the jeans to wear if you were young in the 60s, which gradually progressed to the stone-washed styles of the 70s.

Punk of the 80s
The 1980s saw a profusion of denim enter the mainstream and the fabric became less associated with high-end fashion. It was not uncommon for jeans to be ripped and torn on purpose in the 80s to conform to the punkish look.

The 90s and Onwards
Baggy jeans came to the forefront in the 90s, bred out of the ‘Madchester’ bands such as Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses, once again inspiring and representing youth culture like no other fashion item has managed.


First day at Refinery 29 was a treat, and being back at work- writing, researching and blogging, feels great. (Self-glorification, spy my first posts here and here.) I'd forgotten how good living and working in New York feels, but the smile shining off my face this morning is reconfirming its brilliance. The buzz, the speed, the instantaneous. It feels so good to be 'home'.

Today, I await the arrival of my best friend; sharing the city feels doubly-good. A week with my homeboy makes for just one more thing to smile about.

Soundtrack to accompany my smiles this morning:




Wait, what time day is it?


Instead of the ‘oops’ and the ‘whoops’ and the apologies for being undeniably AWOL, I’m going to just pretend I’d intended to leave my blog untouched for the entire year I’ve been overseas. It was always the plan.

I would have loved to keep you all well and truly updated with my trips and my travels, my comings and my goings, the highlights (oh, the highlights) and the lowlights, it seems juggling got the better of me and this was the ball that had to fall.

With 20 different ones to chose from, I can state with certainty that this one, this hell’amazing year has been by far the best to date. Helped I’m sure by the never-ending summer and the number of beach days far above any calendar average, it’s been an adventure. Better than that, it’s been something I’m never going to not have done. Memories, smiles and serious life experience, ‘fashion intern’ proved just the platform to let all the good things roll. Really, this year was about so much more. Yes, I worked 7 days a week, sure, I was am cripplingly without funds, and admittedly, heart failure was a serious possibility for a few of those stressful months, but boy, oh boy, how I’ve enjoyed myself along the way. From New York to Sydney, Bali to Hong Kong, and mentally so much further, I'm now back on previously-walked soil but still (fortunately) a little way from the home straight. The adventure continues back in New York, and another internship starts on Monday. Incredibly jet-lagged after full days (plural) of flying -- you know you’ve travelled a long way when your last 7 meals were on airplanes-- I’m so ready for the fun to continue. The same me - a little more tanned, one extra piercing and a shade more ash up-top, show me what you got, New York. 

From here on in, I'm letting you all in on my adventure. And some point soon, I'll show you what you've missed. 

, A




I mean, yes, life on this side of the world is awesome. 


MTV Swatch Playground: Scene@ SWISS JERKS

Now then, I'm the first to admit I haven't done the best job of keeping up with my MTV Swatch posts of late, what with Relocation#1 and Relocation#2 demanding a whole lot of attention. Nevertheless, blogging from a new Southern 'sphere location I'm about to get back on track. 

Creativity and collaboration are central elements to the Swatch MTV Playground; along with music and fashion, previous posts have showcased the talent and projects from collaborative artists Rankin, Alex Noble and Frank Butler. Taking it in a new direction, Scene@ looks further down the fash' chain, focusing on individuals, travelling the globe to explore emerging trends. With music as the focal point, Switzerland makes for the hometown of Swiss Jerks.  Check out the video below!

Whilst I would take being called a jerk as somewhat derogatory, in Switzerland it's accepted a compliment. As well as being the home of Lindor, swiss cheese (and whoops, I almost said Ikea), Switzerland is famed for its Jerk dance scene. Which if you didn't know, began as a lively Californian '60s dance craze, now adopted by a more hiphop crowd, and taken on as more than just a dance genre: it's a lifestyle. Characteristically, well, 'jerky', popping moves and shoulder-shugs seem pretty frequently used.  Having explored it online, and read up on the MTV Scene@ content, it seems the Swiss have tendency to break out said moves everywhere and anywhere, taking Pringles' "once you pop you just can't stop" slogan rather literally. Style-wise, the uniform seems to consist of the ever popular skinny jean, graphic tee and snapback baseball cap. I don't know what you think, but it sounds like something Fresh Prince O'Bel Air would've taken to perfectly. Read all about it here.

Now, I wonder how Sydney's  scene will take to me throwing out some of these moves tomorrow night...



Thanks to my final Manhattan purchase, I am now the proud owner of these little beauties. 


So I relocated, and found a new place to call home. Sydney: home sweet home. 



Seeing my name at the bottom of a post on NYLON isn't going to get old for a long time. It's still AWESOME. Check out more of my posts here.


It's official: I am now in my twenties. 

My birthday was lovely. It spent the evening in Queens, eating Mexican food and accessorising inappropriately. Add to that indulging in one too many cookies'n'cream cupcakes and spending the working day at fashion publication, and you'll come to the same realisation I did: I am in fact, Ugly Betty.  I now have the sombrero to prove it.