the met gala- the UPS and the DOWNS.

A BEAUTIFUL BALL- not entirely sure what it's all about, just that there's a lot of money involved with expensive dresses, many a celebrity and a lot of press coverage. seems to be a yearly event, held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (again, something i know very little about, apart from it's in NY and boasts an excellent online thematic essays section, proving invaluable to my prehistoric art revision (don't all jump at once)

the glitterati went full out with their outfit choices- the theme being, American Woman: Fashioning a National Ientity. (needless to be said, english style was out in full force with the likes of style champs alexa, sienna and emma watson among the crowd.)

my favourites:

emma watson looking uber-chic in her custom-made Burberry gown. (hard not to when Chistopher Bailey is your BFF really)

Jude and Seinna looking rather fine. Yes he cheated, and is somewhat of a pimping manwhore, but i can't help be slightly pleased for them, and satisfied with the idea that maybe two people, two beautiful people, can rediscover something if it's really meant to be. i do hope they last this time, sure a cheetah doesn't lose his spots, but maybe jude could keep his secreted for the meanwhile under this dashing suit. okay, enough soppy love shit- yes she looks amazing, good choice of navy, bad choice of shoes.

kate bosworth looking rather swell in this Valentino gown. nude- check, backless- check, understated- check. you've got my vote miss bosworth.

 chanel iman, swell in this golden jumpsuit♥.

dree hemingway, wish i had more pictures as you looked stalk beautiful.

good old alexa, flying the british flag. i see what's she doing here with the whole masculinity thing, and i like it- especially the fact that it's Philim Lim and a bold monochrome; i just can't help but feel she's being a little pretentious, i.e. i'm style icon alexa chung, i can pull off the tuxedo look and will stand out. to be honest, it looks undeniably but i actually was looking forward to seeing your gown. maybe next time- you could team a dress with that beautiful caped blazer.

chloe sevigny, you're very cool and i love you; this dress- it's sweet, and the colour is great, but there seems to be a problem. YOU'RE NOT 12. or alice in wonderland. maybe you can still pull it off though.

i don't like this. someone should've told katy perry it was the met gala, not some trailer-trash disco showdown.
Leave the LEDs at home next time, please. 

sorry, you- yes you. no i don't know your name, but here's a few pointers for your next red carpet do:
a)tight dress + those boobs, it's never going to work. i'm small chested, thus biased- but surely you could see that fitting airbags in to a sample size was a plan for failure.
b) maybe have some sort of friend, or at least mirror to check your appearance prior to stepping on to the carpet. FYI, you've got a f**king mongrel on your right shoulder.
c) a dress that tight and that blue, is only going to cause problems for hip-width.

it seems my invite was lost in the post- or maybe even delayed- bank holiday monday does cause havoc with the postal offices i know, i know. IF  i was there- i think i would've chosen a deep V cut a la sienna, maybe in a gold lamé. simple and chic. oh, and maybe some sort of jude law accessory would've worked quite well.

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  1. Dree, Chanel, Emma Watson ... all Dreamworthy.