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Exams done, deadlines complete, and a years worth of adventures leaves a lot of time for well, blogging. As if moving across the pond, setting up camp in New York and interning at NYLON magazine wasn't going to be enough to spark a super-duper-blog-revival, more inspiration comes in a more virtual form: MTV.

(talking of which, this tee is more than apt for me right now)
MTV Swatch Playground is a new platform for inspiration and influence, mixing music and fashion, and encouraging major collaboration and innovation. I am pleased to announce I'll be participating in the campaign, through FASHION & CIRCUS, I'll be promoting the things that are inspiring me and my work. Admittedly, MTV isn't perhaps what you'd instantly link me to, with my (arguably) limited music taste, and sure lack of hip-hop dance ability, but that's what it's all about: unexpected-goodness. I'm more than happy to be getting involved, supporting new talent, emerging designers and of course- developing the virtual platform for the modern generation. The MTV Playground website and blog features all the goings-on, with daily updates and up-and-coming talent, and changing guest editors to keep things interesting!

Kicking off the campaign with a bang, Alex Noble and Fred Butler have stepped up as guest eds'. The creative minds behind some of Queen GaGa’s most striking outfits, Alex has just launched his first line at LFW, emerging as a key player in British fashion talent. Fred Butler (I shall note at this point, a woman,  to alleviate further pronoun confusion) is a prop-maker-come-accessories-designer, striking gold with her bespoke creations. Check out the video for a bit of an introduction to the MTV campaign and Alex Noble himself. (I'll be blogging more about the designers themselves later, not only for your benefit but for my own research too.)



Encouraging you to get inspired, I will spend the next 7 months or so updating you on the MTV Playground campaign with snapshot previews, collaborative news and showcasing the emerging creatives, all fitting in nicely with the content of my (perhaps/ we shall see) changing blog content over this next year of huge adventure.
(Anyway, after all that, I'm off for homemade burritos- oh, the final joys before I go!)

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