Though I know it's the middle of Winter for my southern hemisphere readers, here in New York its getting to be the height of summer. Yes, sizzling temperatures, sunny skies and clammy streets means one thing: swimwear season.

Whilst you're all likely to be digging out the mitts, and wrapping round the wooly scarves (note, you don't have my full sympathy, your winters are still warmer than our springs), here I'm on the hunt for the perfect 2011 swimsuit. Now when I say swimsuit, I mean swimsuits, naturally. Whilst squeezing multiple options into a single tote can prove as a beach morning dilemma, the idea of summer-long strap marks seems considerably worse. Alas, a halter, a bandeau and a staple one piece rarely fall off the new seasons shopping list.

Satisfying my search for the perfect swimwear, Wildfox Couture has just released their first swim line collection. Known for its It-girl attitude and street-cult aesthetics, Wildfox is the lovechild of Kimberley Gordon and Emily Faulstitch. Founded in 2007, the brand has taken off, gaining a lot of support from global bloggers, celebrities and trendsetters alike. Drawing their inspiration from dreamy romance stories, Western female villains and '60s beach movies, the debut swimline manages to maintain the brand's style, with neon pinks and urban graphics contrasting ditsy florals and pastel hues.

Taking inspiration from different decades, the collection shows clear inspiration from its retro-roots. Simply titled 'Wildfox Swim', a 70s pastel halterneck, a Baywatch style one piece and an 80s style sports-crop are among the styles on show.

Photographed with their usual editorial-worthy standards, the lookbook features Aussie favourite and model-of-the-moment, Anja Konstantinova; making waves in the industry right now, she has the likes of KsubiStylestalker and Lonely Hearts snapping her up for their books. Channeling blonde bombshell appeal with her platinum tresses, the lure of ‘50s favourites Bridget Bardot and Marilyn Monroe springs to mind with the label's latest line. Couple that with washed out photography and vintage styling and there's no doubt this collection is going to make a splash.

Sadly for you Aussie’s, the collection isn't set to hit your stores until December (weep). Staying positive, 'least that gives you enough to pick which one - sorry, ones - you want. 


  1. wow love every single photo!!


  2. these are really great pictures:) loving the vibe of it.

  3. I adore this girl and the whole feel of the shoot. First and one where she is in purple flowers are my personal favourites x

  4. wow how beautiful is she! and how amazing is this shoot!