MTV Swatch Playground: Scene@ SWISS JERKS

Now then, I'm the first to admit I haven't done the best job of keeping up with my MTV Swatch posts of late, what with Relocation#1 and Relocation#2 demanding a whole lot of attention. Nevertheless, blogging from a new Southern 'sphere location I'm about to get back on track. 

Creativity and collaboration are central elements to the Swatch MTV Playground; along with music and fashion, previous posts have showcased the talent and projects from collaborative artists Rankin, Alex Noble and Frank Butler. Taking it in a new direction, Scene@ looks further down the fash' chain, focusing on individuals, travelling the globe to explore emerging trends. With music as the focal point, Switzerland makes for the hometown of Swiss Jerks.  Check out the video below!

Whilst I would take being called a jerk as somewhat derogatory, in Switzerland it's accepted a compliment. As well as being the home of Lindor, swiss cheese (and whoops, I almost said Ikea), Switzerland is famed for its Jerk dance scene. Which if you didn't know, began as a lively Californian '60s dance craze, now adopted by a more hiphop crowd, and taken on as more than just a dance genre: it's a lifestyle. Characteristically, well, 'jerky', popping moves and shoulder-shugs seem pretty frequently used.  Having explored it online, and read up on the MTV Scene@ content, it seems the Swiss have tendency to break out said moves everywhere and anywhere, taking Pringles' "once you pop you just can't stop" slogan rather literally. Style-wise, the uniform seems to consist of the ever popular skinny jean, graphic tee and snapback baseball cap. I don't know what you think, but it sounds like something Fresh Prince O'Bel Air would've taken to perfectly. Read all about it here.

Now, I wonder how Sydney's  scene will take to me throwing out some of these moves tomorrow night...


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