First day at Refinery 29 was a treat, and being back at work- writing, researching and blogging, feels great. (Self-glorification, spy my first posts here and here.) I'd forgotten how good living and working in New York feels, but the smile shining off my face this morning is reconfirming its brilliance. The buzz, the speed, the instantaneous. It feels so good to be 'home'.

Today, I await the arrival of my best friend; sharing the city feels doubly-good. A week with my homeboy makes for just one more thing to smile about.

Soundtrack to accompany my smiles this morning:


  1. Hi Alice!

    I just remembered seeing your facebook message today, I will get back to you right now!

    Bonne courage for your summer in New York, I look forward to hearing all back in L***s in September! x

  2. Cute sweater, nice blog, follow each other?