Instead of the ‘oops’ and the ‘whoops’ and the apologies for being undeniably AWOL, I’m going to just pretend I’d intended to leave my blog untouched for the entire year I’ve been overseas. It was always the plan.

I would have loved to keep you all well and truly updated with my trips and my travels, my comings and my goings, the highlights (oh, the highlights) and the lowlights, it seems juggling got the better of me and this was the ball that had to fall.

With 20 different ones to chose from, I can state with certainty that this one, this hell’amazing year has been by far the best to date. Helped I’m sure by the never-ending summer and the number of beach days far above any calendar average, it’s been an adventure. Better than that, it’s been something I’m never going to not have done. Memories, smiles and serious life experience, ‘fashion intern’ proved just the platform to let all the good things roll. Really, this year was about so much more. Yes, I worked 7 days a week, sure, I was am cripplingly without funds, and admittedly, heart failure was a serious possibility for a few of those stressful months, but boy, oh boy, how I’ve enjoyed myself along the way. From New York to Sydney, Bali to Hong Kong, and mentally so much further, I'm now back on previously-walked soil but still (fortunately) a little way from the home straight. The adventure continues back in New York, and another internship starts on Monday. Incredibly jet-lagged after full days (plural) of flying -- you know you’ve travelled a long way when your last 7 meals were on airplanes-- I’m so ready for the fun to continue. The same me - a little more tanned, one extra piercing and a shade more ash up-top, show me what you got, New York. 

From here on in, I'm letting you all in on my adventure. And some point soon, I'll show you what you've missed. 

, A


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