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I'm desperate to travel to India, but I'm the first to admit I know very little about the culture, way of life or traditional dress over there. I like to think of myself as a somewhat cultured individual but I'd be ignorant to think my repeated watching of Slumdog Millionaire or The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel put me any the wiser as to what dress is really like over there. Offering a better understanding to us all, Im passing the blogging-baton over to Barcode91 who can provide a bit of a better insight. Here's my first guest post!

Go Indian: Uber-chic in the traditional Indian saree

Have you been mesmerised by the gorgeous Indian saree yet? With six whole yards of elegance and irresistible grace to drape you in, it's quite likely that you have! However, there are many things about a saree that can intimidate you. The sheer size of the fabric, for instance. You'd love to try out the Indian look but you just don't know how to pull of this heavy piece of garment without looking clumsy. More over, you can end up looking over the top in a saree if you don't style it right! So, how do you wear a saree and still look chic and graceful? How can you avoid looking like a misfit and grab second looks instead? Well, wearing sarees might look like a huge task but trust me when I say there's isn't a garment more versatile than the Indian saree.

First up, pick out a saree that you'd love to wear. You can browse through a range of sarees online and shop for your first saree minus the hassles of going to the mall and spending hours on picking out one dress! Of course, sarees come in a thousand different styles, so choose a one that suits you the most. Keep in mind the weather, and the occasion you plan to wear the saree to. For example, you would typically choose a light, flowy Chiffon saree for an outdoor Sunday brunch on a bright sunny afternoon instead of heavy bridal sarees.

The second and the most fun part of it all is wearing the saree! Now here's what's different. Just because you're going to wear a saree doesn't mean you have to drape it the same conventional way that everyone else does, right? 

Glam your look up a few notches by draping it in a whole new style. Choose any way of draping the saree and team it up with anything as long as you're comfortable with it. If you'd like some inspiration, do check out looks that Hollywood actresses and style icons like Victoria Beckham have donned in the past, wearing the gorgeous Indian saree. Pair sarees with trendy kurtis, wear them like skirts, dresses or tie your saree like a halter gown and don't forget to accesorize this look. You are bound to make heads turn with a saree. Don't wait anymore, look for Indian Sarees online and find your perfect match! (P.S - Don't forget to send in pictures of yourself wearing your version of the Indian saree.)


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