we are so the same. i like starbucks, you like starbucks. 
lets be BFFs. 


also, i loveyou.
-you could give me fashion tips.
-we could share you're freebies from the row.
-i could maybe, sometimes borrow your watch.
-we could have movie nights, watch the classics like New York Minute, or Holiday in the Sun.
-you could take me to all the best places.
-we could meet ashley, or yeah-- whatever.
-i could keep your sunglasses safe
-i would totally carry one of your bags for you. chanel clutch, balenciaga tote, alexander wang rucksack- i would do that for you
-i wouldn't even mind staying in to watch re-runs of So Little Time.
-i guess i wouldn't mind if you dressed me in your clothess. if you wanted to, of course. 
-i could accompany you style awards, and posh events and stuff- just, to keep you company.

just call me.


  1. haha. this is cool.
    you never know, maybe someday you'll be bffs:D