another reason why i NEED to intern in australia....


amazing outfits.every-single-one.
if i was only allowed one outfit for the rest of my life- the top left would for sure be the one i'd choose. neutral, delicate, beautiful.

the brand is called ruby you should definately check it out. such dreamlike aesthetics, yet chic and contemporary.based in New Zealand an Australia-
hello internship down under.


  1. This label is definitly to be watched, i've never really turned my attention towards fashion or designers from Australia. Lovely blog ♥

    Please follow:

    Eda ♥

  2. check out TV the label aswell there amazing. definately on my plans for the coming year to try and head to melbourne and get a job/intern/anything out there!

  3. these outfits are so cool! i'm obsessed :)


  4. do come to australia, it's quite amazing here :) i love zippora, she's gorgeous! the pretty white blouses, polka dots, lace & the vest are some of my favourite things :) have a lovely weekend ♥

  5. Ruby is a New Zealand label, and it is amazing aye. haha This is my fave collection so far. Zippora, the model, who went to my cousin's high school here in Auckland, New zealand, is gorgeous. Just stunning. She is known as the Kate Moss of NZ. She is a petite model, but tall enough to do runway work. xx
    p.s. I hope you get to go to Australia too. =]