if these beautiful photos don't make me sure i need some clogs in my life, then I don't know what will.
(beautiful photos and amazing outfit choices from the lovely froufrouu blog ♥)

here are some beauties i'm currently coveting: 
Topshop, £80- (£72 with student discount- justified?)
Chloe, £465- weep, weep
Miu Miu, £340- eeek
 Topshop, £58- nice for pastel outfits, that's about all though
Prada, £410- golly wow
ASOS £105, urghh
both Topshop's finest- don't know how much, what i do know- i've trie them both on and they look perfect.
Sam Edelman, $150. a personal favourite.

some most of which are way out of my price range right now. stupid failing economy, damn ecological concerns, screw high flight prices. Does this world not understand a girl needs clogs?

ps. i have this exact pair in my attic. when i was a kid, my parents 'treated' us each to a pair from Holland.- considering digging them out for a right statement look. 
NAAAATT. urgh, imagine the blisters.


  1. miu miu! love!


  2. ha, lovem' have similar open clogs, yet very high! have to post them... lovely weekend!

  3. in love with the miu's! i need to get myself a pair :) amazing header!

  4. Ah, that's my uber-gorge friend Nadia! Her blog is just dreamworthy. Loving all your recent posts, I have been inexcusably lazy, still stuck in Leeds in the rain, lonely and feeling sorry for myself...haha!

    Haven't begun packing yet...lordy.