Feburary and that

Next stop, Pure London. One of my duties as an intern for Paper Scissor Stone is to get set buying the new collection for Autumn/ Winter, so a hefty 2 days exploring rail upon rail of new brands, small brands, well-known brands, sifting the tit from the tat, and scouting the best possible collections for our store. Found some delightful new pieces, scouted an array of fabulous new brands and got an education on Autumn 11/12’s trends. I shouldn’t forget to mention the super swanky party we attended, sighting fashion’s fearless, Zhandra Rhodes. Tres cool.

 and when I say we, I mean me and the lovely Sophie from Style Disco

A mighty congrats to the little Leeds store for their success in collaborating with Farfetch.com (an online global community of independent boutiques, allowing the customer to explore the crème de la crème, in the best of the best boutiques worldwide) Check us out HERE.

In hindsight, this is the point where I say Happy Valentine's Day (yep, that's right- I am that behind) 
I still hate stupid Valentine's Schmalentine's. #bitterthroughwantingwhatican'thave

 (photography from Paris trip)

OH, and I guess at this point I should probably mention at this point internships, as this was what I’d call the start of my interview-string. Monday morning, Alexander McQueen interview- scary, right. Fortunately it went well, and amazingly I was offered a job. But more about that later. FYI, Alexander McQueen's studio- h'AMAZING!

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