Darting back to Leeds for a mere 2 day stint- consisting solely of lecture/ work/ practical class/ work (attempting the high-life whilst studying a fashion degree is a near impossible feat as I have since learnt), it was ready, steady back to London for Fashion Week.

Well then where to start. Honestly, with it being a good month and a half ago now, I’m not going to bore you with trend reports and celebrity sightings in such, not only because you’ve seen it all online by now, but because quite frankly I don’t have the time. Instead, a few of my favourite snaps and a couple of article I wrote for Leeds Student.

"My first fashion week, check. Sitting on the train Leeds-bound after a busy weekend, we can finally kick off our obligatory-heels, take out our heavy earrings, remove our too-tight belts, and breathe. Yes, fashion week is exciting and full of well, fashion, but it’s a whole lot of hectic and a little overwhelming! We have to admit that we arrived at Somerset House with a vision of a glamorous long-weekend, filled with hip parties, networking with Anna Wintour and casual strolls between fabulous shows. It was glamorous, for some (primarily fashion’s elite) but for us as onlookers, there was a lot of getting lost, being cold and feeling like our feet had been crippled.

As buyers, our role was more casual- without the kiss-ass of PR-ing, or the imperative-nature of blogging, we were able to enjoy the shows and absorb the buzz, taking the occasional happy-snap wherever we felt fit. Spending most of our time out of the spotlight, (the Somerset House courtyard turns in to the equivalent of LA’s red carpet for 2 weeks of the year, with photographers ready to pounce and bloggers set to capture your inevitable stumble; cobbles + heels= fail) we were able to shy away in the exhibition, scouting out potential, and looking for new brands to bring with us back to Leeds. Indulging on freebies is a definite LFW-bonus, especially for poor students such as ourselves. Without the delights of free goody-bags or celebrity treatment, we did take refuge in the Buyers lounge, flitting in and out to enjoy champagne on-tap, fruit platters and the in-demand Blackberry charger!

Not having to strive to impress, or constantly flutter our eyelashes at PRs, we could actually enjoy LFW amid the madness, revelling in seated show tickets, hip after-parties and complimentary brunches- consisting solely of Bloody Mary’s and champagne, causing us to commit the ultimate fashion-week crime: taking comfort in McDonalds. (A Big Mac has never tasted so good, completely over-dressed and riddled with fashionista-guilt)

In addition to all the free champagne and fashiony goodness, we did have a purpose to be there, perhaps cushioning us from the cut-throat world of LFW. With a specific duty and a job to be doing, high-fashion dressing could take a back-seat. Sporting the fashion/ comfort option, we boycotted Spring/ Summer trends, instead channelling our enthusiasm into the Winter season with our leather shorts and thick coats. Despite our love for fashion, there was no way warmth was being sacrificed for fashion in frighteningly cold February. I pity the bloggers and editors who must be up through the night planning their outfit choices for the next day, in order to keep with the “who are you wearing” questions whilst posing for goosebump-riddled photographs. Our ‘casual’ dressing did come back to bite us though; taking a quick pit-stop outside- swapping our heels for our pumps, we were accosted by an Italian stallion, ridiculing our clear ‘lack of fashion interest’. Telling us we’d be perfect for his non-conventional modelling agency, we “caught his eye” for breaking the conventional tall and slim requirements. (I’m 5’9, size 6/8, thanks arsehole) He went on to further compliment us, suggesting we could perhaps crawl along the catwalk as we’d only stumble otherwise. Needless to be said, our heels remained firmly in place after this run-in, following another quick much-needed McDonald’s stint. Apologies, but running between location to location, laden with magazines and goodie-bags is tiresome. Needs must, nobhead.

Fashion week is fun, but it’s not for the faint-hearted. Expect the unexpected (inflatable dolls on the front row? A LFW-given) Come September we’ll be more prepared, and our heels shall certainly not be removed. (I wonder if you’re even allowed though the doors without them?) Right now, we couldn’t get back to our little Leeds shop quick enough."

Typical me- one to boycott any hint of colour, Georgia Hardinge is my definite one to watch from this season’s LFW. Offering a monochromatic collection, with digitalised prints, uber-sheer shirts and undecided lengths mixing maxis and minis, her collection wowed the crowd.

Born in London and marinaded across Europe, her collection shows a clear interest in art and a true understanding of fashion with fine tailoring, creativity and ....  Having collaborated with Victoria’s Secret and sponsored by Swarkowski, she remains relatively unknown in the fashion scene. As last year’s official one-to-watch and this year’s award winner, she’s a potential underdog to the fashion scene and a prophecy of talent and skill that London breeds. Offering futuristic tailoring, lust-worthy cream capes and structured reptilia-style panelling, she maintained a mood of femininity, with a striking print throughout and lightweight sheers. A collection proving she fully deserves the Vauxhall Fashion Scout merit award, she showed her appreciation of the audience’s ‘whoops’ with a feisty ‘I’ve done it’ fist-pump.

(I’ll admit, I am slightly biased having blagged a ‘FROW’ seat and meeting her, albeit a very drunk her, in Mahiki that night. Hats off to you Georgia.)"

"Springing from New York to London within a week, tangerine is undoubtedly the new buzz word on the front row. Adding zest to our Autumn wardrobe, bold orange hues are set to be a definite pick-me-up come miserable October time. Popping up at the likes of Burberry, Paul Smith, Jaeger, BCBG and Sass & Bide, this is a trend that is likely to stick.

Bold and beautiful, designers offered full-on zing in the form of orange trenches, mini-dresses and all-in-ones. For the less brave, try tangerine shoes, bags, nails and scarves, teamed with bold magentas or a deep turquoise. Tone down the trend into a more subtle tobacco, staying stylish with bright accessories for a splash of....

Begging to be sported with tanned limbs and bare legs- let’s hope the sun-kissed skin from the Summer will stay (or that Johnsons is on offer...) We’re just wondering who on the high-street is going to bring out our favourite ‘LOD’ first. (little orange dress, get with it)

What’s on the top of my LFW wish-list?  The Krystof Strozyna tangerine blazer. (And judging by the expression of glee on Susie Style Bubble’s face as she sat front row for its debut, it’s definitely made the top of hers too.) I’ve got a season to start saving, watch this space" 

London Fashion Week was quite frankly amazing, and overwhelming (not to mention stressful as both me and Sophie flitted around shows and parties at the sake of our degrees). As a result of deadline-pressure, we took the very sensible decision to come home early, meaning our Giles and Ashish tickets went to waste (weep, sob and boo). It was the right decision though, as we got on the train Leeds-bound, the sense of relief was huge, not only for our crippled feet, but also for the sake of our heart-pressure as we quite literally threw ourselves back into the library. (Your hear that lecturer, I-left-fashion-week-early-to-meet-your-deadline. Committed? Definitely) Going as buyers, we were pretty lucky ticket-wise, but next time- there’ll definitely be a next time, I’ll go about it a little differently. More prepared more outfit planning and more parties!

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